A Swiss Chocolatey Giveaway!

I feel like I’ve been a bit selfish lately.

I eat Swiss chocolate every day and then I don’t share. I talk about it, I rave about it, and then I leave it at that and eat it all. But with all this chocolate talk, many of you guys have no idea what real Swiss chocolate actually tastes like! It’s impossible to explain how it lingers in your mouth after every. single. bite. It really is. Uh…drool!

So, I thought I’d share. I’ve never had a giveaway on Warm Vanilla Sugar before, and have always wanted to be able to give something to someone that I thought was really special. So I, un-selfishly (?), have tried over 30 (not kidding) chocolate bars and have narrowed down my favorites so that you could have the best. I have decided to go with the Frey brand. They have the most delicious milk chocolate that I’ve ever tasted and have a huge selection of other yummy flavours like chocolate almond, chocolate hazelnut, honey chocolate, chocolate orange, and chocolate pistachio to name a few. I’m in love.

How do you win?
{Main Entry-Required}
Go check out the Chocolatefrey website. They offer a huge variety of chocolate tablets, all of which are available where I live in Switzerland. Browse their incredible selection of products and find three items that you simply must have! If you’re really not sure and want me to pick, just leave a comment telling me so.

Want extra entries?
Each item you do will get you ONE chance to win (for a total of 3 chances), if you ALREADY do any of these things, they DO count! So make sure to comment for each item! You MUST leave each entry as a separate comment or only one comment will count!
1. Like Warm Vanilla Sugar on Facebook.
2. Follow @Katrinadingle on Twitter and tweet the following statement then come back to this post and tell me you tweeted.

I just entered to win Swiss chocolate with @Katrinadingle. Enter here: http://bit.ly/iGFGIl

3. Subscribe to Warm Vanilla Sugar’s email updates. Once you subscribe to the email updates, you will get an emailing confirming your subscription.

Important Details:
-This giveaway is open to USA, Canadian, and EU residents only and will run until June 30th at 11:59 pm EST.
-Winners will be generated via a random number generator software program.
-Winners will be notified via the contact email provided on the comment contact form.
-Winners will have until July 10th 2011 to claim their chocolate prize.
-There will be THREE winners chosen! So you have good chances :)

This giveaway is provided to you by Warm Vanilla Sugar. The views and opinions expressed on Warm Vanilla Sugar are purely my own and based upon my personal taste buds. I was not monetarily compensated for a positive review or giveaway.



  1. meredith says:

    I Like Warm Vanilla Sugar on Facebook.

  2. meredith says:

    i follow you on twitter & tweeted: http://twitter.com/mermont84/status/81093300114829312

  3. I tweeted ya! @Nadaloo

    First entry: Frey 72% noir special bar

  4. Second entry: Frey Les Adorable Caramel

  5. Third entry: Frey Les Adorable Mocca

    Thanks!! :)

  6. Oh my goodness – what a gorgeous website they have!

    Hmm I’d LOVE to try the caramel, champagne, and white chocolate hazelnut! They all look amazing, though. I’ve never had swiss chocolate!

    lisagoneaussie (at) gmail.com

  7. I like you on FB! :) Lisa P.

  8. I like you on twitter and tweeted! (@Lisanpeterson)

  9. I subscribe!!! :-)

  10. mmmmm, so hard to decide! You want a chocoholic to decide?!?!?!? LOL! Ok, I like the:
    1) Precious Dragees
    2) Pralines du Confiseur
    3) Reves d’Or

  11. FB fan / like Warm Vanilla Sugar Blog. My FB profile:

  12. following as @cappytweet and tweeted:

  13. Mmm love that stack of all the types of chocolate!

  14. Swiss chocolate sounds so wonderful!! I’d love to enter, but I’m not sure if it’s processed with peanuts/nuts or not, which I’m allergic to. So I’ll just let you decide. :-)

  15. jacquie says:

    the chocolate and orange combination sounds good – at least as a start :)

  16. jacquie says:

    just subscribed to your email list ….

  17. Oh wow, cool giveaway! I would have to go with milk chocolate, white chocolate and the japonais (it looked good on the package though I’m not entirely sure what it is since it’s not in English :) ).

  18. I liked you on Facebook too!

  19. Amazing first giveaway girl….this chocolate looks wonderful. Count me in for 72% dark…..our favorite in this house!

  20. I like you on FB too :)

  21. Well, i’ve got a friend that is Swiss and she’s always going on and on how Swiss chocolate is the best. I’ve only ever had Toblerone and it’s okay. I’d love to try something else. Here are my top 3 picks: Gaufrette Pralinee, Japonais, Blanc Croquant, Pistache… okay that’s four… hard to choose! And of course, I’ll like you on facebook… i’m on there all the time ;)

  22. Oh my, this chocolate looks wonderful. I’d have to say I’d want to try Japonais, Truffles Marc de Champagne, and Noir Special 72% – but they all look so good! It’s such eyecandy for the chocoholic, that’s for sure. :)

  23. Liked you on facebook!

  24. Subscribed to your feed as well.

  25. Oh my goodness – they all look amazing!! I’m just guessing what these are based on the pictures, but I’d love to try one of the dark chocolate ones, the chocolate orange, and anything with hazelnuts!!

  26. ikkinlala says:

    Wow, so many interesting choices! I think my top three would be:

    – Giandor
    – Japonais
    – Choc’o’Farm

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  27. Mmm…LOVE Swiss chocolate! My 3 picks are:
    – Frione Nougat
    – Giandor Noir
    – Tourist

  28. Liked you on Facebook too! :)

  29. Woops! Reading everyone else’s comments, I think I read the instructions to this wrong. Let’s try this again. So my choices are:
    1. Frey’s 72% noir special bar
    2. Frey’s Les Adorables Caramel
    3. Frey’s Les Adorables Mocca

  30. I liked you on Facebook!

  31. I tweeted you! @Nadaloo

  32. I subscribed to your blog. :D

    There. Much better. :) Sorry for the repeat!

  33. Hmmm…how to choose??
    Stracciatella, Honey Chocolate, Pecan and Caramel
    Yum! Fingers crossed

  34. Yay! second entry: I liked you on Facebook.

  35. I went to the website but I couldnt get it in english!? I am part Swiss though and even a Swiss citizen, so that gives me at least 3 votes right?! I don’t discriminate when it comes to chocolate!

  36. I almost forgot to enter this…I subscribed to your blog as well. :)

  37. Jessica says:

    1 choice: I would love to try Les Adorables- Caramel!

  38. Jessica says:

    2 choice: I would love to try Les Adorables- Mocca!

  39. Jessica says:

    3 choice: I would love to try a Chocolate Almond One!

  40. Jessica says:

    I also liked you on facebook!!

  41. I am very curious about that new white lime and lemon chocolate and the bourbon vanile and the crema catalana.

  42. What a great first giveaway! Swiss chocolate is delicious!
    I’d love the Mandomiel, Caramel, and Milch extra.
    I was surprised I didn’t see a bar with mint unless I skipped over it. I’d switch the Mandomiel for that any day!!

  43. LOL! Katrina, you can delete my comment, I read your requirements, but completely forgot which day it was and then saw that I’m too late.
    Still trying to wake up!

  44. What a fantastic giveaway! I’ve been addicted to Swiss chocolate ever since my parents brought me some home from Switzerland when I was a kid. The Frione Nougat sounds amazing!

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