Huevos Rancheros Wraps

I have to tell you about this woman that lives on the first floor of my building. You see, I haven’t actually met her, but I HAVE met some of her cats. Well, kind of.

My parking space is just outside of this woman’s apartment and pretty much every day I can see a kitty sleeping in the window – it’s always such a pleasant surprise. Today I saw cat number 7. I am not kidding.

SEVEN cats! First I saw a short haired black kitty, then a long haired black kitty, then 4 more and then today I saw lucky cat number seven. A white fluffy kitty was sitting in the window. Is this allowed?? Who knew crazy cat women actually existed?? I’m here to tell you that they do. And am unsure if I need to call the pet shelter…but that’s another matter. On to these wraps!!

To begin, heat butter over medium high heat. Add eggs and fry until cooked through (I scrambled mine).


Heat the tortillas in a frying pan.

Layer the black beans on the warm tortilla.

Add fried eggs and cheese.

Top it off with cheese, salsa, slices of avocado and cilantro. Be careful to leave room so you can wrap up your tortilla!


Huevos Rancheros Wraps
Recipe taken from Eat Live Run
Serves 4

4 large whole grain tortillas
8 eggs
1 avocado
1 15-oz can black beans, drained and rinsed
1 bunch cilantro, minced
Vegetable oil to fry eggs

Heat oil or butter over medium high heat. Add eggs and fry until cooked through (you can either scramble or keep the yolks whole).

Heat the tortillas, then layer black beans, fried eggs, salsa, slices of avocado and cilantro in each. Be careful to leave room so you can wrap up your tortilla!

To make a closed end wrap (like mine), fold both the right and the left edges over the filling and roll from the bottom. Then cut the wrap in half with a sharp knife and enjoy!


  1. I used to fear that I’d end up as a crazy cat woman (even though I don’t like cats very much). So far, so good but the fear never quite goes away…

    These wraps look really delicious, love all that cheese and those black beans!

  2. Yum, what a delicious and easy lunch/dinner!!
    (Pleeease, don’t mind me if I remove the cilantro though..)

  3. Seven cats! I believe that definitely qualifies neighbor-lady as a crazy cat woman.

  4. 7 cats? thats a lot!! Well at least you can be sure you will never ever find a mice in your apartment, they will never get to the upper floors with so many cats on the first floor! :)

  5. These are a staple in Austin, and though my husband’s crazy for them I have yet to try them myself! Great recipe, Katrina. I should make these some morning!

  6. I just love avocado, I’ll put it on anything! These look fantastic!

  7. Yikes on the 7 cats! Lots of company I guess….but, oh the fur!
    I love breakfast burritos, but haven’t made them Huevos Rancheros style – very festive for the Cinco in a few days…

  8. 7 cats? Yikes! All I can think about is how much cat hair must be all over the house :)

    I’ve never had huevos rancheros, but it sounds fantastic (minus the avocado)!

  9. I have one cat and that is one cat too many! Love the avocados in your wraps, yum!

  10. Yum! I’ve got to try this out. As to the cats, well, that’s quite a lot. How do the cats look – hopefully they don’t look to, well, shabby? Or do they look well cared for? I mean, they could also be fostered kitties. But if you’re concerned, you can always call the ASPCA.

  11. What a great any healthy recipe. I love almost anything wrapped in a tortilla.

  12. for those of us not up on our rolling technique, maybe you could describe and/or photo how to do it so it looks as pretty as yours, without the filling falling all over and out the back end! THANKS happy cooking

  13. The colors and textures in your photos make it look so tempting.

  14. These look so good! Perfect breakfast!

  15. omnomnomnom!!

  16. Katrina, these wraps look SO good! What a yummy breakfast. Happy Friday! PS: 7 cats??!?!?! Insane!

  17. Yum! These wraps would make me forget totally about creep cat lady!

  18. I actually had a teacher in 2nd grade who had nine cats and one dog. And she was married. Married crazy cat ladies? Perhaps even odder than single crazy cat ladies.

    I’m still in a MAJOR burrito mood. Want these!

  19. haha omygosh, 7 cats..?? These wraps look SO good! I love huevos rancheros! Yummy pictures too, these look amazing!!

  20. I’m drooling … I could do with a wrap riiiggghhtt now, :) It looks fantastic

  21. Did you say 7 cats?! WOW!

    The roll looks just right. I think it would make for a great midnight snack.

  22. 7 cats?! That’s insane. Although I’ve seen worse on Hoarders but those are extreme cases.

    Let’s talk about something more pleasant. I love everything in this dish! It’s such a packed burrito. You’ll totally put Chipotle out of business.

  23. What a lovely way to prepare , i always love to tortillas

  24. oh my goodness Katrina, these look SOOOO good. my mouth is literally watering! i think i’ll need to try these tomorrow morning for brunch! thanks for sharing the recipe!

  25. These sound really simple and delicious! And not to mention healthy. I love anything with salsa on the side.

  26. Yikes, 7 cats. Don’t even want to imagine what her place smells like, lol!

    These wraps look so good! So perfect for breakfast or even lunch!

  27. I’m a huge fan of egg wraps for breakfast. This looks fantastic!

  28. What a great way to start the day.

  29. this is such a creative and delicious wrap! awesome recipe!

  30. This looks like my perfect breakfast. Or lunch or dinner for that matter!

  31. I love huevos rancheros. These wraps look great. I might just make these tonight!

  32. I can’t even imagine having that many cats!! I have eggs with avocado on a tortilla pretty much every morning. I need to start adding black beans!

  33. I could eat this every day!!


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