Roasted Beet Hummus

This stuff is pretty.

Colourful, bright red, hummus that taste’s so good you can’t stop eating it. Trust me. This happened. But luckily, this stuff is jammed back with goodness, you won’t feel gross. Beets are filled with Iron, Fiber, and Vitamins A and C. See? Goodness in your belly.

To begin, stick whole beets in your oven at 375 F and roast for about an hour until a knife inserts easily.

Once beets are cooled a bit. Peel them, chop them, and throw them in your food processor along with lemon juice, tahini, garlic, olive oil, and some salt. Blend until smooth.

Then eat this stuff like a mad woman! I ate it with tortilla chips, but it also goes nicely with baby carrots, celery, or chopped bell peppers.

Beet Hummus
Makes about 2 cups
Recipe taken from not without salt

3 medium beets, cleaned, roasted, peeled then cut into chunks
2 Tbsp tahini (sesame seed paste)
1/4 cup lemon juice
1 clove garlic, chopped
1/4 cup olive oil
salt to taste

To roast beets, stick whole beets in your oven at 375 F and roast for about an hour until a knife inserts easily.

Let beets cool, and then peel them and chop them into cubes.

Process all ingredients in a food processor. Blend until smooth. Tasted and adjust seasoning. Serve with a hefty drizzle of olive oil.


  1. A Tablespoon of Liz says:

    I love the color of this! And I just love hummus, this looks amazing!

  2. Just fabulous – i am a huge beet person and this looks so good.

  3. WOW, that stuff IS pretty! Love this idea, I can’t wait to try it – I’m sure the gorgeous color means my daughter will love it too!

  4. What a beautiful color! I’m definitely trying this recipe!

  5. I love hummus and the color is amazing — it makes it even more appealing!

  6. Gorgeous hummus and a unique way to use beets! I’m imagining this with warm pita bread…yum.

  7. beautiful!

  8. That color is gorgeous! Amazing!

  9. I can’t get over how stunning the color of the hummus is! I’ve never had a beet if you can believe that, but I’ve been meaning to try them. Maybe this will be my first recipe!

  10. I love how bright it is! Yum – will have to try it soon.

  11. I love every dish with beets! This beet hummus looks the best!
    Yummmmmm,…! You also have a COOl foodblog! :)

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