Some Spooky Sights!

Site’s? Sights? Whatev’s. I’ll be showing you a few cute and cool Halloween sights on a few site’s in this post. I’m right into the spirit this year. I’d say my best costume to date was my Mad Hatter costume. Hello there! What are you being this year??

I LOVE Halloween. I live on the 9th floor of an out-of-the-way apartment and I still decorate the place to the max, pimp out my pumpkin, and buy candy just on the off-chance a cute baby Batman, baby Yoshi, or real baby hippo comes by. I know that if I were a baby hippo, this scene would blow my mind:

Photo taken from Crate and Barrel.

OR! I could bake some of the below tasty, super-creative, treats for the hippos! Like these pumpkin whoopie pies.

Image taken from Cookies and Cups.

Crazy cool Witches Legs.

Photo taken from Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle.

Super Spooky Oreo Bats.

Photo taken from Our Best Bites.

Or how about these freaking awesome Graveyard Brownies??

Photo taken from Picky Palate

Whatever happens in the kitchen between now and that magical day that is October 31st, I will be ready to go with treats to last until Christmas. Thank you food bloggers! For being awesome, and sharing your strange and wonderful Halloween treats!


  1. I love Halloween, too. What a fun roundup!!

  2. Fun spooky round up! Thanks for the feature :)

  3. Hi!

    I just wanted to say that last night I made the Chunky Chocolate Banana Bread you posted a while back. Sooo yummy. I loved it. I’ll definitely be making that again!!

  4. Happy Halloween :)

  5. you are seriously adorable, as are those whoppy pies! :)

  6. That costume is too cute! I love it!

  7. Ha! Check you out girl! You make the cutest Mad Hatter I have ever seen! :-D

  8. love the roundup of treats….and that pic of you. Woo-hoo! Lookin’ amazing, girlie!

  9. Your costume is adorable! I don’t think I’ll be dressing up this year, but oh well. Love your round up! Such tasty looking treats! Thank you for sharing :)

  10. Great costume! Great round up of Halloween Treats!

  11. nice costume,… I also love Halloween party

  12. What a great costume!! I never dress up but we always have lots of kids stop by for candy.

  13. How cute are you; love your costume!! Great Halloween roundup, too!

  14. Orange velvet whoopie pies? LOVE.

  15. Could you be any more ADORABLE!! Love the costume & the Halloween spirit!

  16. I love that costume…and I love Halloween too!

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