Food blogs rock!


My name is Katrina, and I’ve decided to begin a food blog. I’ve named my blog “warm vanilla sugar” because it describes what I love best. First of all, “warm vanilla sugar” is the name of a
Bath and Body Works cream that I use everyday, and I couldn’t go a day without its goodness. And second of all, you won’t find any sweet recipes in this blog that don’t include a little extra dash of vanilla. It is BY FAR my favorite cooking ingredient, and I love adding a little extra whenever I can.

I’m a university student who (if I could afford it) would genuinely be a professional baker for the rest of my life. I love sweets. So much in fact that when I make cookies I can never seem to have enough dough!! I have no idea where it goes, and I swear it’s not into my belly. Really.

Hopefully you enjoy some of the recipes that will be posted here. I’d love feedback! I’ll generally be posting baking recipes, but occasionally I’ll put some other foodies on here as well. Yum!



  1. H. Stewart says:

    Great idea having a blog so we all can make new recipes. Love the decorations on the cupcakes and the soup receipe sounds delicious. Keep them coming. :)

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